Courses Taught

I look at teaching as performance art. The similarities between the stage and the classroom are obvious. Since, as I tell my students, ‘I am a frustrated actor,’ any popularity that I have is truly humbling but also deeply appreciated.”

Dale has been teaching at Alvernia University since October 1993. He teaches the following courses at the main campus and the off-campus locations:

  • COM 100 Fundamentals of Communication: Focuses on the fundamental processes of reading and writing that are essential to communication.
  • COM 101 Composition and Research: Basic freshman requirement, designed to review fundamental principles of rhetoric, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • COM 103 Fundamentals of Speech: Basic course in the development of communication attitudes and skills with a view to enabling the student to feel comfortable and competent in public speaking venues.
  • COM 122 Mass Media: Introduction to the interrelationships between contemporary American life and the communication media.
  • COM 131 Writing for the Media: Introduction to the writing styles and format requirements necessary to write for various American media.
  • COM 212 Grammar Studies: Study of various linguistic theories incorporated with practical application of rules of English syntax and usage. Facebook-20160410-073147
  • COM 213 Interpersonal Communication: An introductory survey of basic theories, models, and practices of interpersonal communication.
  • COM 240 Public Relations and Advertising: Study of principles and applications of modern public relations and advertising.
  • COM 250 Interpretation of Film: Critical approach to analyzing film and its significance in contemporary society.
  • COM 251 Broadcasting and Electronic Media: Overview of contemporary radio and television in America.
  • COM 263 Fiction Writing: Study of fiction styles and techniques aimed at developing the student’s ability to write fiction.
  • COM 330 News and Feature Writing: Thorough study of news writing techniques, with emphasis on development of feature stories for newspapers and magazines.
  • COM 332 Multimedia Design and Editing: Designed to introduce students to the processes involved in planning, designing, creating, and copy-editing multimedia projects.
  • COM 340 Advertising Workshop: Students create advertising programs, including an ad campaign in a workshop-styled atmosphere.
  • COM 344 Writing for the Workplace: Advanced writing course oriented toward communication beyond the academic world.
  • COM 351 Scriptwriting for Television and Film: Study of the writing of a professional dramatic script for use in television or motion pictures.
  • COM 360 Writers Workshop: Seminar for writers who wish to broaden and develop their creative writing skills.
  • COM 362 New Media: Provides basics of the online world, web page design, and the authoring of multimedia presentations.
    Dale’s first students, October 1993.
  • COM 420 Law and Ethics of Mass Communication: Study of the legal and ethical framework within which mass communication media operate.
  • ART 281 Graphic Design and Illustration: Elementary instruction in techniques and materials of commercial art.
  • BUS 307 Marketing Principles: An introduction to the basic functions of marketing and the marketing concept.
  • ENG 207 Contemporary Fiction and Drama: Study of selected short novels, stories, and plays drawn from world literature of the last 30 years.